Our nation and world are facing new challenges, and one of our most pressing goals as educators is to find new ways to promote respect, inclusivity, civility, responsible decision making, and healthy life choices. Our programs take steps toward creating a campus-wide environment where all members of our community feel safe and open dialogue is valued.

A common theme is emerging among campus leaders: their deep need for significant and meaningful dialogue surrounding the themes of identity, community, inclusivity, respect and diversity. As our communities become more vocally fractured, students, faculty and staff are seeking spaces where they can explore their own identity, stories and places within their community.

Programming can be designed for:

  • Leadership Workshops
  • Faculty Leadership Training
  • Staff Development Events
  • Academic or Co-Curricular Courses
  • Fraternity and Sorority Training
  • Themed Programming Months
  • Welcome Week Activities


Appropriate for:

  • New Student Convocation
  • Orientation
  • Faculty Training
  • Diversity/Inclusivity Training 

Our Reader’s Theatre program will move past a typical speaker and create a custom experience for your campus, addressing your particular needs and culture. We create a program that consists of a dramatic Reader’s Theatre and small group discussion that will be a powerful tool to address important campus topics. Using specific language from your university history, mission statement, and program goals, we write a Reader’s Theatre that your own student leaders will present - a message from students to students. The reading is serious and truthful, but is balanced with humor and stories. The small group activity and discussion that follows creates a safe way for new students to discuss difficult topics, and provides upperclass student leaders a framework that is easy to facilitate. 

Colleges are diverse communities - with differing opinions, backgrounds, cultures, faiths, and world views. The program we create asks students to take responsibility for themselves, and work toward creating a respectful, caring community. Throughout this presentation we incorporate the mission and values of your institution, and ask your community to hold one another to the highest standards of respect and civility. 

This powerful program uses pop culture references, multi-media components, current news clips and the strongest voice of all - your own students - to make an impact. Using student leaders from your own campus as key parts of the program helps empower your community to address these difficult and timely issues.  The structure of the presentation ensures that the conversation will continue long after the program has ended.