Working effectively and purposefully requires scheduling time to review and reflect on the work, goals and vision of your group. We work with you to evaluate and assess your programs, processes and goals. On-campus or on-site visits and face-to-face conversations with stake holders on every level of your organization help us create a game plan for moving your team forward. Regular external reviews are particularly helpful in budget negotiations and reaccreditation processes.


Many of us are good at evaluating our programs, but too often don't have a real plan for assessing the impact of our work. We can help you create an assessment structure to move you toward your goals.


Are you and your team stuck? Are you working hard but have an unclear path forward? Creating or restructuring existing vision statements can help reenergize your staff and focus your priorities as you move forward. Our visioning workshops help you clarify your direction and empower each member of your team to work toward that common goal.